Who is Cluny the Scourge?

Citation from Brian Jacques's book "RedWall" : "He was big, and tough: an evil rat with ragged fur and curved, jagged teeth. He wore a black eye patch; his eye had bean lost in a fight with a Pike. Cluny lost eye but those who dared to take up pike at him lost his life! Ones thought that Cluny was from from Portuguese's rats others told that he was from transoceanic jungles. But nobody knew exactly. Cluny was ship rat - the most big and most fierce rodent which ever jumped down from ship to coast." He was black, with grey and pink scars all over his body. His distinguishing feature was his unusually long, strong tail, which he used a whip. In battle he wore a poisoned spike on the tip. Cluny is devilishly clever, he has a lot of plans in his head, he is born leader, he is stronger than any rat and he has specific humor!!! And what about his clothes? "He wore a batwing cloak fastened at the throat with a mole skull, and a war helmet topped with blackbird feathers and stag beetle horns. " In his armour Cluny seemed incarnation of barbarian power. Conqueror! It's COOL, isn't it?!!! Cluny is personality and it's main thing for me! ;))

Psychoanalysis of Cluny the Scourge (by Ratty)

Talks in the line!(Cluny's phrases)

Contact with Cluny is a difficult thing, he-he. You are luky,if you are alife after talk with him. :). There I collected citations from Brian Jacques's book "RedWall" whitch belong to Cluny The Scourge. No comments. ;D

1)"Hey, Scullface!..Tell to devil,that you are from me!"
2) "Get out!"
3)"For desertion - death. For retreat - death. For insubordination - death."(Cluny's regulations)
4)"Don't be afraid, I will not kill you.I didn't need the dead now."
5)"Martin is in a sense angel, and I am,possibly , conversely."
6)"Don't get, - your eerie crys will be audible on all neighbourhood! Cluny the Scourge said all."
7)".. This is what for peaceful life leads!"
8)"Сlown!Laughing-stock! Off away with you!"
9)"Stop whine. ... He has dead, and it's all right."
10)"And then,probably,tree winged pigs flyed in and each of them gave you candied apple?"
11)"Get away, until I don't fry you alive!"
12)"..But it's not that simple to outwit Cluny.I!I won, and you losed!"
13)"And this is called "rats"? The flock of ships on picnic of country school! What did you teach them?"
14)".. And that weasel with idiot grin as drunken duck, - to the barn him without water and food for tree days! Break the habit of grinning!.."
15)".. Wait, I'll make from you the praxis for others."
16)"Take him! Catch him! Bring his head to me!"
17)" Falsification! Crude falsification ! Rubbish,which nobody needs!"
18)".. Everybody, who do only step back, будет will be killed! Everybody,who break oder his commander,will be killed! Everybody,who doesn't fight with all his might, will be killed! You know, that Cluny doesn't waste words. .."
19)"We didn't do any evil to anybody.We are peaceful ...
- Shut up! - Cluny bellowed. - Else I show you what the evil means!"
20)"Endeavour,endeavour , fix all with all your might.I don't neet at all in fortress with broken gates."
21)"Hey, you, yes, you, what is your? "
22)"Great Rat's Wall!
- Drowned's Lake!
- Dead Mice's Field!
- Ferret's Gates,Stoat's Garden,Weasel's Bell. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!"
23)".. It is only one law in the world - my wish !.."
24)"..Lay down your sword, else this fat friar dangle on my pike, as sugar candy!"
25)" Decamp from my eyes,sluggard!"

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