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You don't like Matthias? Hate him??!! So, you are in the right place-the gallery of Matthias the Fool. And who loves him? He is stupid little smallness, fat little idiot. Clunyfans - scientifics write dissertations "In what situation Mathtias was the stupiest?", clunyfans-hangman think out new executions for him, and usual clunyfans sharpen at him. "Matthias - Mattress, Matthias the Muugle, Matthias the Nut Ass..." And clunyfans-paparazzi had his pictures in bad look. Clunyfans, if you will eat something wrong-run to this page! Matthias the Fool is waiting you!!!
Thanks to Suane for screengrabes - I can't see when THIS is appearing on the screen and waste film. ;)

Matthias the Fool


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KILL Matthias!!!
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