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Ratty in real life

Hello, everybody!!! It's me in real life ;)) What can I say about myself? For example, that my real name is Vasilisa and I live in Russia, Moscow. I can write a lot of boring things about my job and studing, but I think that it's not interesting. =) Let's write about my passions and favourites.I like a lot of animation films, especially with animals.In all films and books I like villians, I'm their fanat and admirer. VILLIANS, YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Most of all I love supporting bad guys like rats-officer but Cluny, Cluny...CLUNY!!!! He is - the best!!! He is the best villian of all times and nations. Besides, I like pirates, sea, adventures and again PIRATES!!! Cluny the Scourge - villian forever ;)) Four years of my Clunymania have an effect on my appearance <:) Cluny, Cluny, Cluny the Scourge!!!

New Ratty-pirate photos!!!With new costume!


NEW ratty-pirate photos!!!

Last year photos ;)

Old photos;)))


My photos - I with Clunyfan's shirt, given by Datrank, me with my friends - Datrank and Martin, again me =)

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