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239. Brasstail (Scarscale now :P)   (28.08.2010 15:13)
Hey Ratty, its me! *hugs to Death* xD
I wanna make a Lask shrine o3o
Ответ: Hi!!! Cool!!! Give me plz link, when you''ll finish it ;))))

238. Jublenarris the Seer   (13.05.2010 12:49)
I''ve done so, and used "Moranna". Thanky ou SO much, Ratty!! *HUGS* =D My website is almost fully complete, and almost finished with new updates!
Ответ: =)))))

237. Jublenarris the Seer   (09.05.2010 06:13)
Hey Ratty! I''m making some new updates on my site, and I was wondering if I could use a few pictures from your site on the "Fan Works" page? The art I wish to use is by other artists, and I can only ask the ones I know. So I''m asking you.

Is that okay?

Ответ: Hi!!! Of course, my artists are agree and want to be on your page ;) Only, please, write instead of "Anna" - "Moranna" - she changed nickname)

236. slagartheslaver1   (23.01.2010 23:58)
Hi there! How are you? Happy new year! I''m back on my site if you want to chat. I won''t be able to read a reply to this message on this site so you may have to come over to mine. Just to remind you its http://slagartheslaver1.webs.com
Hope to hear from you soon!-Bye-slags.
Ответ: Hi, Slagar!!! *hugs*
Run to your site ;))

235. Hylas (Brasstail)   (30.12.2009 01:45)
Hey Ratty, plz watch my new acc on DA :)
Ответ: Ok!!! give me plz the link )))

234. Brasstail (Hylas)   (28.12.2009 18:46)
Cool Winterdesign!
Ответ: Thank you!!!!!!! *hugs*

233. ratty   (16.12.2009 12:34)
Great!!! =)

232. Brasstail   (13.12.2009 18:01)
Its not me, its a chara from my book. And yes, i asked her.

231. Ratty   (16.11.2009 10:30)
Hi, Slagar!!!*HUGS* Haven''t talk with your for ages(((
Of course, I''ll visit your site ;))))
When I come home from job, I''ll check it ;))

230. slagartheslaver1   (14.11.2009 11:43)
Ratty! I have made a whole website for myself! Please come and visit (perhaps frequently) and see what you think. My site address is http://slagartheslaver.webs.com
-Hope to see you soon.

229. Brasstail   (18.10.2009 17:27)
visit the link. That could be the new shrine.

228. Brasstail   (17.10.2009 20:06)
Visit www.flashkit.com. There you can download games like snake and change them, but i don''t know how.
Or download the "Game Maker"

227.   (16.10.2009 10:31)
previous message was mine

226.   (16.10.2009 10:30)
I''ll try to put messages again on your guestbook this evening)
About game "Kill Matthias" - this game made for me my friend Suane, but now she isn''t Redwall fan and she doesn''t talk with me anymore( She has new interests..
I want new games too..
Hope that somebody,which can make games, will appear =)

225. Brasstail   (16.10.2009 00:02)
now, i''ll mak a second shrine with new features...
BTW: How did you make "kill Matthias"? I need a few games like this.

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